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Media briefing: New Alpine Fault research – 20/04/2021

Source: GNS Science New research shows the chances of the Alpine Fault in the South Island producing a damaging earthquake in the next 50 years...

GNS Science-led research programme aims at emissions-free energy supply – 30/09/2020

Source: GNS Science Currently 95 percent of hydrogen produced globally is ‘brown hydrogen’, produced from coal and natural gas, and it is responsible for CO2...

One Week On: East Cape and Kermadec Earthquakes – 12/03/2021

Source: GNS Science Three large earthquakes occurred offshore New Zealand beginning with a M7.3 East Cape earthquake felt widely across the country. This was then...

Ancient footprints of Southern Alps glaciers track past climate changes – 19/03/2021

Source: GNS Science An international research team led by the University of Maine has found that massive recession of Southern Alps glaciers occurred about 18,000...

New map shows Lake Rotomahana in more detail than ever – 17/03/2021

Source: GNS Science A feature is that it shows the likely locations of the once-famed Pink and White Terraces, which were largely destroyed in the...

Copper phone network may come up trumps in fault zone study

Source: GNS Science 09/02/2020 8:32 am Scientists from New Zealand and Japan are collaborating with Chorus in a pilot project to investigate the subduction zone beneath...

Revision of the science model for future earthquake shaking in New Zealand

Source: GNS Science GNS Science, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and EQC announced today that they are revising the National Seismic Hazard...
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