Is the world slowly replacing meat for plant food ?

Source: Papaioea  – Companies and businesses globally are working toward a more sustainable future by making conscious choices to replace meat-based consumption with more...

Vegan food could expand faster – new report

Source: Te Whanganui-a-Tara – New research suggests the plant-based meat market will grow significantly faster than the conventional meat sector in coming years. MarketsandMarkets, which...

The myths about meat versus plant based diets

Source: Ōtepoti – While a vegan diet has become one of the hottest trends there are still loads of myths about meat and plants...

Plant-based eating teenagers at less risk of heart disease when older

Source: Te Whanganui-a-Tara – Teenagers who eat plant-based food lowered their risk of heart disease in middle age, according to a long-term study with...

Universities switching cafeteria menus to mostly vegan food

Source: Ōtepoti – Universities in Berlin are drastically changing their cafeteria menus to mostly vegan food,  for the good of the planet. The move was...
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