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Source: Green Party

The Government must ensure workers’ rights are at the core of any changes made to the Holidays Act 2003. 

“An erosion of workers’ rights and a decay in the balance between employer and employee will become core to the legacy of this Government if it continues on its current trajectory,” says Green Party spokesperson for Workplace Relations and Safety, Teanau Tuiono.

“The Government’s tampering with the Holidays Act looks set to complicate leave entitlements and leave workers with less – especially part-time workers.

“Our economy has been built upon the backs of our workers, stripping them of sick leave would be a slap in the face and a drain on the productivity and morale of our workforce. 

“The coalition has been unapologetic and unequivocal in administering its anti-worker agenda over the course of this term. We have seen fair pay agreements binned, 90-day trials reinstated and funding for bus driver pay slashed. 

“I am concerned that this review will be used as a platform to further the anti-worker agenda that undermines our communities and short-changes our people. 

“More must be done to support our workers. The Green Party campaigned on five weeks of annual leave for everyone so that people have more time to connect with their whānau, communities, and things that matter to them.

“The least the Government can do is ensure it is engaging with workers as well as businesses in this review. 

“We know part-time workers are more likely to be lower paid and have fewer options for managing their leave. They also often need to work around other responsibilities, like caring for people. Any changes made must not impede upon the rights of these workers. 

“The Green Party won’t stop fighting for everyone in Aotearoa to have access to strong rights, secure work, and decent pay, to ensure workers can thrive,” says Teanau Tuiono.