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Source: Greenpeace

National Party voters are concerned about the risk of corruption and the undermining of democracy if the Fast-track Approvals Bill is passed, according to a new Horizon Research survey.
The poll covers a range of dimensions related to the controversial legislation and highlights concern amongst the National Party support base over the undermining of democracy, the risk of corruption, the return of previously prohibited practices, and the threat to conservation land and oceans.
Greenpeace Aotearoa executive director Russel Norman says, “These poll results show how badly wrong Christopher Luxon and his extremist coalition partners have got it with the Fast Track Bill. New Zealanders are very concerned and even National Party voters are expressing considerable reservations.
“We expect to see large numbers turn out on Saturday at Aotea Square in Auckland and it won’t be just the greenies. It will be people from across the political spectrum who value democracy and nature. People are repelled by the stench of corruption emanating from the Beehive right now, as there is one donations scandal after another linked to the Fast Track Bill.
“New Zealanders treasure the wild places of Aotearoa. They don’t want to see forests and oceans turned to open-cast mines. They don’t want to see rivers and lakes turned to sewers, and they don’t want to see precious wildlife condemned to extinction.”
The poll shows that 76% of National voters are concerned that currently prohibited activities (like dumping raw sewage into the ocean) could be permitted under the fast track.
It shows 41% of National voters are concerned about the fast track enabling mining on conservation land, and 53% of National voters are concerned that developments that have been stopped in the Supreme Court (like seabed mining in a blue whale habitat) could be allowed to go ahead.
44% of National voters are concerned that just three Ministers will have the power to decide on development projects, with few checks and balances.
And 53% are concerned that the Fast Track Bill could create a risk that commercial interests, some of whom have made donations to political parties and MPs, may influence development decisions.
The report can be downloaded here
Results are from a Horizon Research survey conducted between 20 th and 25 th May 2024. The total sample size was 1,060 adults, 18 years of age and over.
The maximum margin of error is ±3% (at the 95% confidence level). The data was weighted on education, ethnicity, region, personal income and Party Vote 2023 to match the adult population.
General – 70% of those surveyed said they were either very concerned or concerned that members of the public won’t have the right to have a say on fast-tracked developments proposed for their community.
Nearly two-thirds of respondents (66%) said they were concerned that just three government ministers would have the power to decide on development projects, with few checks and balances.
A big majority (64%) were either very concerned or concerned about seabed mining in the ocean and 61% were concerned about mining on conservation land.