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Source: New Zealand Transport Agency

An extra week of night closures is planned for State Highway 2 Remutaka Hill next month, to allow for changes to slow vehicle bays.

Mark Owen, NZTA Regional Manager Lower North Island/Top of the South, says since implementing slow vehicle bays in March, NZTA has been monitoring how the changes have been working for people driving over the hill.

“We’ve heard from regular users of the hill that the changes are not working as intended, so we’ve taken that feedback on board and undertaken an independent safety audit of the work done.”

“The audit recommended we make some changes to improve traffic flow and safety. As a result, we’re installing extra signs that clearly direct slow drivers to keep left and that better indicate the length of the slow vehicle bays. We will also rename them as slow vehicle lanes, which more accurately reflects their intended use,” Mr Owen says.

New road markings will also improve the lanes’ entry and exit points and will provide better visual directions for drivers. This will also assist slower drivers to use the full length of the slow vehicle lane to allow other vehicles to pass safely.

Mr Owen says the extra work will require an additional week of night closures to complete the job.

“We appreciate this wasn’t in the original schedule for the year, and we apologise that the changes introduced this year caused confusion and distress for road users. However, we are listening and are working hard to set things right.”

“Please bear with our road crews next month as they work hard to make these changes. It is all about making the Remutaka Hill a safer piece of road for everyone to use,” Mr Owen says
It is essential drivers are aware of and comfortable with the safety changes being implemented on State Highway 2 Remutaka Hill.

Slow vehicle lanes rely on slower vehicles to move into the left lane. All drivers are responsible for driving safely and courteously when using a slow vehicle bay or passing lane, taking into account relevant factors such as the size of their vehicle, speed and traffic volumes.

In addition to the changes, further education activity to help people understand how to use the slow vehicle lanes correctly is being developed and will run over the coming months.
Barrier upgrades and other regular maintenance work will also be carried out to make use of the additional week of hill closures.

Important information for Remutaka Hill closures

  • Escorted crossings are available during closure nights but must be booked in advance. We always communicate well before planned closures and provide contact details so bookings can be made.
  • Bookings can be made online on the Waka Kotahi website:
    Remutaka Hill Closure Escort Booking Form(external link)
  • Bookings are essential – drivers who turn up without one risk being turned away. If you have a genuine emergency on the night, the hill manager will decide how best to help you.
  • For Sunday night closures, bookings close at 4pm the Friday prior. For weeknight closures, bookings close at 4pm the day of.
  • The escorted crossings are for light vehicles only. To keep our contractors safe, heavy vehicles can’t be accommodated.
  • Full access is always available for emergency services.

State Highway 2, Remutaka Hill, planned night closures 2024

Number of nights closed

Start 9pm

Finish 4am


Sunday 9 June
Sunday 16 June

Friday 14 June
Friday 21 June


Sunday 11 August

Monday 12 August


Sunday 1 September

Friday 6 September


Sunday 13 October

Monday 14 October


Sunday 3 November

Friday 8 November

More information about planned maintenance closures for Remutaka Hill can be found on our website: