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Source: Tertiary Education Commission

Because of this, the Minister has decided that PBRF Quality Evaluation 2026 will not take place and the TEC will stop all work related to it. The UAG will consider policy settings including funding mechanisms, incentives, and allocation strategies for research and teaching (in particular the PBRF), with a focus on the university sector but recognising the relevance to the wider higher education sector.
While the PBRF Quality Evaluation 2026 will now not take place, the TEC would like to acknowledge the contribution of the Moderation Team, panel co-chairs and members, the Sector Reference Group, and other sector stakeholders who have supported recent consultation and operational design work.
Read the Minister’s media release.
Read the Terms of Reference for the University Advisory Group (PDF 84 KB)
For any questions about the PBRF Quality Evaluation, please contact
Frequently Asked Questions
Who are the members of the UAG?
The UAG is chaired by Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, and will collectively bring diverse expertise in higher education, research, funding policy, business, stakeholder engagement and connections, university governance, the Treaty of Waitangi | Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and mātauranga Māori. The membership of the UAG will be announced shortly.
Will the work of the UAG result in a new approach or a revised PBRF?
The UAG will report to the Ministry of Education in February 2025. Following that, the Ministry of Education, in consultation with the Tertiary Education Commission and the Minister for Tertiary Education and Skills, will determine which proposals to take forward, conduct detailed policy development and consider the wider implications of any proposals the UAG makes about the PBRF before Cabinet makes any decisions on changes.
What is the timeframe for any changes to or replacement for the Quality Evaluation?
The UAG will produce a final report proposing levers and policy changes for government and the sector to consider for the future direction of the university system in February 2025. This report will include recommendations on the PBRF. The Ministry of Education, in consultation with the Tertiary Education Commission and the Minister for Tertiary Education and Skills, will work to determine which proposals to progress and will communicate timeframes for any changes.
Why has Quality Evaluation 2026 been cancelled?
The Minister has determined it is appropriate to stop Quality Evaluation 2026 for all participating TEOs while the UAG conducts its work. While universities are not the only organisations who participate, they collectively receive over 95% of PBRF funding.
What will happen to PBRF funding now that Quality Evaluation 2026 is not taking place?
PBRF Quality Evaluation component funding will continue to be allocated on 2018 results. The total value of the PBRF remains unchanged at $315 million.
I have been preparing my Evidence Portfolio for my institution’s Quality Evaluation submission. What will now happen to it?
Work on the Quality Evaluation is stopping. This means that planned institutional submissions to the TEC, including Evidence Portfolios, will no longer take place.