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Source: Asia New Zealand Foundation

Seventeen New Zealand-based artists have been selected as recipients of the latest round of Asia New Zealand Foundation’s Arts Practitioners Fund.
This fund supports New Zealand-based artists in undertaking residencies, work placements, research tours and exchanges across Asia.
The purpose of the Foundation’s arts programme is to bring Asia into the mainstream of New Zealand arts by inspiring New Zealand arts professionals to grow their connections and knowledge of the region. One way of achieving this is through the Arts Practitioners Fund.
“We are delighted to support this talented group of artists,” says Craig Cooper, director arts at the Asia New Zealand Foundation Te Whītau Tūhono. “These experiences in Asia will undoubtedly enrich their artistic practice and contribute to the ongoing development of the arts in New Zealand.”
The selected artists will have the opportunity to delve into diverse Asian cultural contexts and engage with local artists. These immersive experiences hold the potential to broaden their creative horizons and encourage collaborations that could contribute to their ongoing production of meaningful and impactful artwork.
The Arts Practitioners Fund addresses this growing demand by providing a platform for artists to engage with Asia on a deeper level. This programme fosters cultural exchange, artistic development and international collaboration, enriching both the artists and the artistic landscape of New Zealand.
About the Asia New Zealand Foundation Te Whītau Tūhono
Established in 1994, the Asia New Zealand Foundation Te Whītau Tūhono is New Zealand’s leading authority on Asia. Its mission is to equip New Zealanders to thrive in Asia, by providing experiences and resources to build their knowledge, skills, and confidence. The Foundation’s activities cover more than 20 countries in Asia and are delivered through nine core programmes: arts, business, education, entrepreneurship, leadership, media, research, Track II diplomacy and sports.