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Source: Northland Civil Defence Emergency Management Group

Northland’s six-monthly tsunami siren test will take place at the end of daylight saving on Sunday, 7 April.
The network of more than 200 outdoor tsunami sirens in coastal communities, from Te Hapua in the north to Mangawhai in the south and Ruawai in the west, is checked twice a year, coinciding with the start and finish of daylight saving.
The sirens sound twice: firstly at 10am for 10 minutes and then again at 10.30am for 30 seconds, and will be monitored for any faults.
Indoor sirens will be tested at the same time as the outdoor network.
Northland Civil Defence Emergency Management Group spokesperson Zach Woods added that people should also be aware of the risk of local source tsunami (those generated on or close to the coast), which could arrive ahead of any official warning. “Everyone who sp