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Source: Auckland Council

Recently seven Muriwai properties received their final property category. GHD and Auckland Council are working as quickly as possible to progress the small number of properties in the GHD study area that are yet to receive final categories.

This week, GHD advised they need to do an additional structural engineering assessment to provide greater certainty to the risk assessment parameters and mitigation costings on the Oaia Road properties that are still pending a final category. Subsequently the final Muriwai landslide risk assessment and mitigation reports will now be ready in April.

Please note, we have approximately 10 Muriwai properties outside of the GHD study area, who have opted in for the property categorisation process and are yet to receive their category. These properties will receive their category over the coming months.


Over the next week we will be starting to deconstruct homes that have been purchased by Auckland Council under our categorisation programme. We’ll be taking great care deconstructing most of the homes we are working with, to ensure as much material as possible can be repurposed via community partners. We’ll be able to remove some entire homes for a new life elsewhere, but in some cases the building may need to be demolished if this is the only option for safety reasons. We’ll be notifying homeowners and neighbours when works are close on a property. No decisions have been made about how this land will be used, but we will keep the community updated as we do more work on the approach.

The Muriwai deconstruction liaison is Erik Lopeti, for any queries please email

If you, or your whānau need help, we have navigators available to support you. Please email your navigator directly or contact

If you have any questions about your property’s risk assessment, please email We also have lots of information on OurAuckland, including FAQs, that you may find helpful.