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Source: Brown Family Wine Group

Brown Family Wine Group understands that sustainability is essential for the longevity of its multi-generational company. They are proud to announce the certification of their remaining vineyard sites at Milawa, Banksdale, and Mystic Park under the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia scheme (SWA).

“We can confirm that all company vineyards and wineries are now certified sustainable under the Freshcare Australian Wine Industry Standard of Sustainable Practice says Brett McClen, Head of Viticulture and Sustainability at Brown Family Wine Group. “This certification is a significant milestone in our sustainability journey, and we are incredibly proud of it.”

Certification of Brown Family Wine Group’s Tasmanian vineyards, Heathcote vineyard, and two winemaking sites in Milawa and Launceston was achieved in 2023.

Brown Family Wine Group’s sustainability efforts are making waves with Devil’s Corner winning the Innovation and Transformation Award at the 2024 East Coast Tasmania Tourism (ECCT) Recognition Awards.

The award recognised Devil’s Corner for implementing a water treatment plant utilising dam water for the entire vineyard and cellar door site. Revolutionising its water management practices and eliminating the need for frequent water freight thus ensuring a sustainable water supply for vineyards and site amenities.

Cameron MacFarlane, CEO of Brown Family Wine Group says “During my brief tenure at Brown Family Wine Group I have been genuinely inspired by the immense commitment shown towards sustainability in both our viticulture and winemaking practices. Moving forward we plan to further build on these achievements across the company.”

Brown Family Wine Group’s commitment to sustainability reflects a growing trend in the wine industry towards more environmentally and socially responsible practices, as the industry seeks to reduce its impact on the planet and ensure a viable future for wine production.