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Source: Auckland Council

Repairs complete at Marine Parade (Mellons Bay)

Repairs to Marine Parade in Howick are now complete, after a slip caused damage to this popular route.

The tricky design fix involved using 102 piles (average 10m deep) and soil walls to reinstate the road shoulder. It also involved diverting a stormwater pipe before installing it in its final location.

Work started early December, and the 60m long retaining wall was completed before Christmas. In the New Year, AT contractors relocated the stormwater pipe, installed kerb and channel, planted vegetation, laid pavement, resurfaced the road, and put down line marking.

Thank you to the community and all involved in repairing and making the road more resilient.

Marine Parade, Mellons Bay (before)

Marine Parade, Mellons Bay (complete)

Complex repair in progress on Ahuroa Road

Ahuroa Road near Pūhoi was severely damaged during last year’s storm events and had to be closed at the top of Ahuroa hill by J Tolhopf Road, effectively spitting the Ahuroa community in half. We subsequently identified eight under-slips and completed major geotechnical investigations to inform the rebuild.

We approved the first designs in May, but when we started construction, we discovered that the underlying rock layer was deeper than expected. We had to put work on hold while we re-designed the project, which involved considering six options.

Work kicked off again toward the end of last year and Downer NZ is now installing piles on the southern top side of the hill to reinforce and stabilise the road.

This is a complex repair, with around 150 piles required in total, 73 of which are in now place. Each 900mm diameter pile takes a couple of hours to install and the team aims to install two to three per day.

Ahuroa Road top section: location of pilling to support roadway.

Ahuroa Road middle section: 70 piles to support the roadway.

Matakana Valley Road repairs starting soon

AT contractor, Downer, is starting work in late February/early March to repair 10 slip sites across Matakana Valley Road at number 732, progressively moving toward number 952. Works include constructing retaining wall structures, stormwater improvements and resurfacing.

AT says construction work is expected to take up to 10 months, however Downer will provide the community with updated timelines as the repair programme progresses.

There will be a mix of traffic management measures including speed restrictions, stop/go and temporary traffic management. Due to the nature of the site, there may be times where there are multiple set-ups or extended work areas. 

Downer, on behalf of AT, will move traffic through the construction works as smoothly as possible, and look forward to delivering an improved and more resilient road to the community and all users.

Matakana Valley Road

Report a job with AT

For any existing or new roading issues, such as potholes or clogged road culverts, please feel free to report these to Auckland Transport. Urgent maintenance requests, such as new slips, can also be reported to the Auckland Transport roading and parking call centre on 09 355 3553 (24 hours, 7 days a week).

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