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Source: Ministry for Primary Industries

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Biosecurity New Zealand is proposing changes to the requirements for importing mangosteen and rambutan plants for planting.

We appreciate the replies and information we got during the first consultation on the risk management proposal.

First consultation: Proposed imports of mangosteen and rambutan plants for planting

We have reviewed and considered the submissions received about the measures proposed in the first consultation. As a result, we have drafted amendments to the mangosteen and rambutan requirements in the nursery stock import health standard.  An import health standard is the legislative document that specifies the requirements for importing.

We now seek your feedback on the amended requirements for plants of mangosteen and rambutan. The amended requirements are located in 2 new schedules: Garcinia and Nephelium lappaceum. Those schedules are in the draft nursery stock import health standard.

The consultation is open for submissions from 27 February 2024 until 5pm, 19 March 2024.

Consultation documents

Draft import health standard [PDF, 3.3 MB]

Note: The new schedules for Garcinia and Nephelium lappaceum are in the draft import health standard.

WTO notification

NZL 757 – Add 1 – SPS Notification – Mangosteen and rambutan plants for planting [PDF, 114 KB]

Making a submission

We’re happy to discuss the changes we’re proposing at any time until the consultation closes. To arrange a phone or a video call, email

You can give us feedback by completing our online survey or by emailing us.

We want to hear your feedback, technical information, industry knowledge, and suggestions on the:

  • measures we’re proposing and the extent to which they will manage the risk of imported mangosteen and rambutan plants
  • feasibility of importing under the proposed requirements
  • understandability of the draft import health standard.

The consultation closes at 5pm, 19 March 2024.

Online survey


Send your submissions to