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Source: SAFE For Animals

SAFE is renewing calls for the Prime Minister to stand behind his words and ban greyhound racing after horrific injuries claim the life of yet another greyhound.
The greyhound, Thrilling Herbie, has been euthanised after fracturing both hocks at Whanganui’s Hatrick Raceway on 1 December.
SAFE Campaign Manager, Anna de Roo, says the brutal injury is yet another sign that time is up for the industry.
“Just last month another greyhound was euthanised after breaking two leg bones so severely the bone pierced through the skin, and now Thrilling Herbie has suffered catastrophic fractures. The injuries won’t stop until the industry does.”
“On the campaign trail, Prime Minister Christopher Luxon confirmed the industry should be banned. Now it’s time for his cabinet to follow through on the promise.”
Hatrick Raceway, earned a reputation as the ‘death track,’ after nine greyhounds died in nine months after racing at the track in 2021.
Closed for over a year due to safety concerns, the track reopened in April this year and has already claimed two lives -Lolly Rapper in September and now Thrilling Herbie.
“Hatrick Raceway is definitely cause for concern but the reality is that all greyhound racetracks are “death tracks.” The industry is inherently dangerous for dogs and in the latest season 40% of dogs raced were injured.”
There is broad support for an end to greyhound racing, with an independent poll finding 74% of New Zealanders would vote to ban greyhound racing in a referendum. And in the final 1News leaders’ debate both the Labour and National party leaders pledged to ban greyhound racing.
“Thrilling Herbie’s heartbreaking end is a stark reminder that the industry cannot continue.”
“With the Prime Minister’s stance firmly established, the next crucial step is for the incoming government to translate commitment into action and ensure the welfare of greyhounds,” says de Roo.
“Empty words don’t save lives, but swift action can.”