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Source: EMA

Advanced Manufacturing Aotearoa (AMA) is encouraging all who want to be part of the sector’s success into the future to join them.
AMA is industry-driven and seeks to upskill and develop existing manufacturers to enable their operations and processes to become ‘advanced’ – driving their own success, and creating an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable future for New Zealand’s manufacturing sector.
Led by Chief Executive Officer Catherine Lye, the independent, incorporated society works alongside key sector partners in business, including unions, research and educational institutions, industry organisations, and those representing Māori and Pasifika manufacturers.
“We actively gather input from stakeholders across New Zealand that is provided to Government and used to make transparent and non-biased decisions on behalf of all stakeholders,” Ms Lye says.
“All indicators and anecdotal evidence from our stakeholders show that the manufacturing has had a tough time, but things are starting to look up, and many of them have made use of the down time,” she says.
“They’ve used the quiet time to review their processes and systems and where they are investing in new technology, so they’re up to speed when things pick up, and into the future.”
She says the perception, workforce and finance constraints are all things that are addressed by initiatives in the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Transformation Plan, are all things the AMA will work towards on behalf of the sector.
“It was an a-political collaboration, the outcomes of which will absolutely address the real-world, practical challenges that the manufacturing sector is facing and ensure it continues its push towards being ‘advanced’ in order to be globally competitive and a huge part of the local economy,” Ms Lye says.
“It doesn’t matter what the plan’s going to be called by the incoming Government, but its investment must continue.”
To join Advanced Manufacturing Aotearoa for free and for benefits including:
– Industry news and information
– Regionally organised factory visits and manufacturing roadshows
– Problem-solving sessions and other networking opportunities
– Access to free management and leadership development tools and templates
– Opportunities to provide input and feedback on manufacturing-related matters.