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Source: Auckland Council

We are receiving large numbers of requests from affected Aucklanders seeking an urgent update on when their property will be assessed, or when they will receive their property’s category.

If you have contacted us with a request, we want to reassure you that we have not forgotten about or lost your request. It may take us 10 business days or more to respond to you – but we will respond.

Our technical experts are busy behind the scenes, collecting and reviewing information to inform our risk assessment (and categorisation) for each property. A significant number of properties need both ‘desktop’ and ‘on-site’ (in-person) assessments, and this involves several technical specialists.

For desktop assessments we review the information property owners have sent us, and other information the council has about a property. For on-site assessments an engineer visits the property to inspect it and gather extra information.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of Aucklanders significantly affected by the extreme weather events, so we must follow consistent and equitable processes to assess and categorise each property. We are doing our best to prioritise people who have been displaced from their homes.

If you have filled out a Flooding and Landslide Registration Form, we will contact you directly as soon as we have new information about property’s risk assessment. 

Property categorisation timelines

To understand more about property categorisation timelines, read this OurAuckland story.