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Source: Palestinian Solidarity Network Aotearoa

This weekend thousands of people from 12 centres across the country are rallying and marching again to demand our government call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The numbers are growing rapidly each week.

People are shocked and stunned at Israel’s genocidal bombing of Gaza. They have killed over 10,800 people including 4,400 children.

This is the equivalent to the slaughter of all the children in 10 large New Zealand primary schools.

But our outgoing PM Hipkins and incoming PM Luxon are silent.

They are happy to talk about a sideshow of false allegations of anti-semitism in chants by Palestine solidarity protestors but refuse to take the simple basic steps to stop Israel’s genocidal rampage in Gaza.

The protest will be demanding our political leaders grow some spine and:

  • Condemn Israel’s genocidal attacks on Gaza
  • Call for an immediate comprehensive ceasefire
  • Call for the Palestinian people in Gaza to be placed under immediate United Nations protection
  • Demand a swift investigation by the International Criminal Court into war crimes committed in Israel/Gaza since October 7th – including the crimes of genocide and apartheid
  • Send the Israeli ambassador home.

We invite the media to report on these rallies and marches and their critical messages.

The details of the rallies and marches around the country are on our facebook page here

John Minto
National Chair
Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa