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Source: Save the Children

(07-11-2023) Samar-, SCI staff member and mother of three, all under seven years old, the youngest is just two years old.
“As I write this message, my son is sleeping on my lap, I can’t bear to let him go because he startles easily.
My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones and homes…We are also waiting for our turn. We live in constant fear of the unknown, and our living conditions are very difficult, although the extent of suffering varies from person to person.
We don’t have access to clean drinking water, and basic food is scarce. We don’t even know how we will provide for our children’s needs. The situation is getting worse every day, as we are forced to buy flour at four times its normal price, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find. We have lost our homes and all our possessions; we don’t know where to go.
It breaks my heart to see hungry children, and I feel helpless knowing that I can’t provide for their needs. Bathing has become a luxury, and I know my colleagues who are displaced in public shelters are suffering even more.”
(07-11-2023) Raida-, SCI staff member and a mother of three, all under 16, the youngest is nine years old.
“Today, my daughter asked me about the people leaving through the Rafah crossing [between Gaza and Egypt]. I explained to her that they have citizenship from other countries.
She ran to get her piggy bank, which had 50 shekels ($12) in it, and begged me to buy her a citizenship.
The situation is very difficult. I am exhausted.”
(07-11-2023) Razan-, SCI staff member and a grandmother to two children, both under the age of six. She travelled outside of Gaza before 7 October and cannot return to her family. Razan- shares the struggles her daughter is facing in managing motherhood.
“I talk to my daughter, and she tells me that her children can no longer bear it. They scream all the time. May God give everyone patience. The situation is truly unbearable.
The children express themselves by screaming. My daughter is also afraid, she wants her children to stay beside her. She is afraid that an airstrike will hit while they are away from her.
But I told her not to restrict them and go with them where they go. Hug them, talk to them, and play with them.
And God willing, this situation will end well.”