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Source: The Kaizen Group

New Zealand startup Blue Mirror CEO and Founder Rommie Nunes says “I proudly welcome Sir Ray Avery to the Blue Mirror Team as our International Technical Advisor. Sir Ray’s profound legacy in innovative health technology and his commitment to improving Global healthcare aligns perfectly with our vision where every healthcare professional, irrespective of geography, has access to technology which can reduce hospital acquired infections ensuring the health and safety of patients and the people that care for them.”
Sir Ray Avery says “Rommie Nunes’s Blue Mirror’s pioneering AI technology removes the errors associated with the incorrect use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which leads to increased and preventable rates of Hospital Acquired Infections.
“On a good day New Zealand has the second highest rate of Hospital Acquired Infections in the developed world and with the shortage of clinical and nursing staff in our hospitals preventable infections may increase significantly.
“The Blue Mirror virtual PPE training app can reduce Hospital Acquired Infections and free up Hospital beds and nursing staff and is a modern-day equivalent of the introduction of penicillin.
“I believe that we need a bottom-up approach to improve patient care in our Hospitals and the Blue Mirror Technology provides the most cost-effective solution to protect clinical staff, nursing staff and the patients they look after from preventable infections.
“I love technology for good and Rommie’s PPE training app can save millions of lives and part of my mission as an elder in healthcare is to inspire people like Rommie to go out there and change the world for the better.
“We make a great team.”