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Source: Auckland Council

The environment and water quality in the Devonport-Takapuna area are two major focus points in the local board’s plan for the next three years. 

The 2023 Devonport-Takapuna Local board plan, now formally adopted by the board following public consultation in July, is the key document guiding the board’s decision making for the next three years.  

Key themes that came through in the consultation included a greater consideration of senior, youth and disabled populations, local food security, community safety, and increased support for arts, sports, and recreation.  

While there were mixed feelings from submitters around the idea of a targeted rate to help fund a new library and community hub in Takapuna’s Waiwharariki Anzac square, the majority supported the plan’s climate and environmental initiatives. 

“We are told time and time again in every consultation that the environment and water quality are front of mind for all of you and we share this feeling.” says local board chair Toni van Tonder.

Van Tonder explains that, as the board anticipates reduced budgets in future, they are focusing on how its money is spent to get the most benefit to the most people, whilst still reaching and engaging with a rapidly changing population.

“We will continue to apply a future-generations lens, focusing on making decisions that have long-term benefits for those who stand to inherit our place. We believe that by investing in the priorities outlined in this plan we will be able to create a more resilient and sustainable community that can withstand future challenges whilst still working towards the vision we hold. 

“Thank you to those who have contributed to this plan with your feedback through consultations, attending business meetings or simply taking the time to reach out to board members. We appreciate you sharing your knowledge and aspirations for the area to shape our plan so we can get the most out of the next three years.”  

All of Auckland’s 21 local boards are legally required to produce a plan every three years, establishing a set of priorities. 
Devonport-Takapuna Local board priorities are:   

 You can find the final plan here.