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Additional monthly price
indexes on the way
– media release

18 October 2023

New monthly price index data will be released
on 14 November 2023, Stats NZ announced today.

New price index data to be published monthly

  • alcoholic beverages and tobacco
  • petrol and diesel
  • domestic and international airfares
  • accommodation services.

Stats NZ produces monthly food and
rent price indexes. The new data will be combined with the existing food
and rent data in a new release to be called Selected price indexes (SPI).
Existing subscribers to the food price index and rental price indexes releases
will automatically be subscribed to the SPI. A link will be provided on
the Stats NZ website for new subscribers.

The new data will allow for timely analysis
into more price changes that New Zealand households experience and allows
for more accurate forecasting of the consumers price index (CPI).

Visit our website to read the news story
and technical paper