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Source: Save The Children

Hunger eats childhood.

When a child can’t eat, hunger starts eating their world.

It drains their energy and silences play.

It consumes their curiosity and crushes learning.

It grinds down their joy and turns their dreams to dust.

But together we can help children bite back.

All they need is support to defeat hunger. Our experience and their resilience.

Save the Children equips children and families with what they need to fight hunger.

You can help children fight for their childhood and feed their futures. Together we can ensure hunger is beaten for good.

Hunger is not a lost cause. Last year, Save the Children supported over 35 million children who suffered from hunger worldwide. We believe that this year, with your support, we can feed the futures of even more children. With our expertise and children’s resilience, we can help children defeat hunger. 

Read the stories of children impacted by the global hunger crisis and find out how we can support them.