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Source: Green Party

Green Party co-leaders Marama Davidson and James Shaw are today wrapping up a campaign that has sought to inspire hope, rather than fear, and that has focused on thoroughly thought through, long-term policy, rather than soundbites.

The co-leaders today visited the Island Bay Marine Education Centre to make the point. 

“From the very start of this campaign, we have put forward clear, evidence-based solutions to the challenges we face. The time is now to get out and vote for it,” says James Shaw.

“All we have seen from the two biggest political parties is the kind of tinkering that leaves people with little hope that we can create the Aotearoa we need. Nowhere is this more true than with the state of our environment. 

“Critical issues like ocean protection have been largely ignored by other parties, so here we are again reminding everyone that we have everything we need to create the kind of Aotearoa our kids deserve

“Our plan would protect 30% of the ocean by 2030, create an independent Ocean Commission to advise the government, and put a Green Minister for Oceans and Fisheries in charge of making it happen. 

“If we’re in a position to negotiate, we’d get this started straight after the election by making it a top priority in negotiations to have a Green Minister for the Oceans at the Cabinet table. We simply cannot leave the future of the ocean in the hands of any other political party. 

“A vote for the Green Party is not only a vote to guarantee everyone a decent income, a warm place to live, and bold climate action – but also to protect the ocean and the benefits it provides for all. A better Aotearoa is possible. All it takes is the political willpower to make it happen,” says James Shaw.