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Source: Council of Trade Unions – CTU

National has finally released its fiscal plan after much delay and it reveals a plan to cut the incomes and essential public services the poorest New Zealanders rely on, just so they can pay for tax cuts for landlords and the well-off, says NZCTU President Richard Wagstaff.

“Cutting $2 billion from benefits during a cost-of-living crisis is cruel. These are the New Zealanders who can least afford a cut and who get $2 a week if they’re lucky from National’s tax cuts, and they would lose $40 a week in benefit cuts. On top of that, National would be putting up the price of public transport and prescription drugs.

“This doesn’t just affect workers who are out of a job, it also targets disabled New Zealanders and people with chronic illnesses. Why is National attacking these Kiwis who have the least?

“Additionally, National has confirmed that it plans to strip billions out of public services that are already under huge strain with current resources. The scale of the cuts that will be required to fund National’s fiscal plan will be felt deeply whether it’s at our borders, in our justice system, protecting our environment, or in numerous other areas of public sector activity.

“National’s claims that they can save billions by firing a few comms staff (who do vital working informing and consulting with the public) is pure fiction,” said Wagstaff.