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Source: Fire and Emergency New Zealand

The restricted fire season in place for Central Otago and Upper Waitaki zones has been lifted, as of 8am on Tuesday, September 26 until further notice.
District Manager Phil Marsh says the restricted season was put in place due to weather and fire danger conditions, but recent rain and forecast cold weather ahead mean that the zones will revert back to an open season for the time being.
“We will be constantly reviewing fire weather and other data to ensure the correct season is in place for the conditions across our fire zones.”
Even though most of Otago District was back to a fully open season, Phil Marsh says people must continue to exercise caution with any fire activities they are carrying out, particularly controlled burns or burn piles.
“Ensure you check the weather conditions before you burn and if you’re in any doubt, then hold off until more favourable conditions are present.
“If you’ve already completed a burn, we urge you to continue to check it until it is fully out and cold, as the chance of reignition of deep embers by strong winds is high.