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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 25 September 2023 – Samsung Electronics Singapore has added four kitchen appliances to its Bespoke range of products for homeowners to create their very own culinary havens. They include the Bespoke Built-in Oven, Bespoke Wall-mount Hood, Bespoke Induction Hob, and Bespoke Dishwasher, designed to elevate kitchen aesthetics while providing homeowners with innovative features for greater efficiency.
Design a culinary haven with Samsung Bespoke kitchen appliances.

< >The expansion of the Samsung Bespoke line-up gives homeowners more personalisation options to complement their home’s interior design. The kitchen can be elevated to a stylish and unique space through mixing and matching appliances that not only embodies sleek designs to reflect homeowners’ personal style but are also smart and easy to maintain. The Samsung Bespoke kitchen suite boasts cutting-edge functionalities that provide flexibility, connectivity, and convenience to streamline the cooking experience for the busy home cooks, while impressing guests with their culinary creations.

“As homeowners in Singapore place more emphasis on how their kitchens look and work, we recognise the potential within the home appliances category to provide products that not only fulfil everyday household needs but also enhance kitchen design. The expansion of our Bespoke range is our response to discerning homeowners who seek a comprehensive, personalised range of kitchen products to elevate their culinary experiences at home,” said Gavin Yeong, Head of Digital Appliances, Samsung Electronics Singapore.

Prep Culinary Masterpieces with Bespoke Built-in Oven< >< >

A Bespoke oven that adds a touch of sophistication and blends into any kitchen style.

< >The Bespoke Built-in Oven carries Bespoke design sensibilities and innovative features, enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and functionality for the culinary playgrounds of aspiring chefs. The Bespoke oven eliminates guesswork and constant monitoring in the kitchen by providing a full range of cooking modes and precise temperature control, to enhance the flavours and textures of your favourite dishes.

Available in a Satin Beige Glass finish, the 76L oven features a modernised control panel with a 4.3″ LCD display, along with an intuitive knob dial and touch control.

The oven boasts the innovative Dual Cook and Dual Cook Steam™ features, enabling users to cook efficiently. Dual Cook allows for different types of cooking as the upper and lower zones of the oven can work independently, or together for more flexible cooking. To top it off, it also allows for oven cooking and steaming at the same time with Dual Cook Steam™. This is great for homeowners who want to prepare a healthy meal efficiently as they can roast or bake and steam at the same time.

The Bespoke Built-in Oven offers two other popular cooking options: Air Fry and Air Sous Vide. Air Fry is a convenient and healthier option for homeowners to satisfy their fried food cravings without the need to purchase an additional air fryer. Air Sous Vide[1] cooks food more precisely and evenly without it overcooking or drying out. The inclusion of a Food Probe also helps to eliminate any guesswork – especially for roasting – to ensure that food is perfectly cooked, without having to constantly open the oven door to check on the dish.

For easier cleaning, the Bespoke Built-in Oven comes with Pyrolytic Cleaning system, which heats the cavity of the oven at an extremely high temperature, efficiently burning off grease and residue inside the oven. Homeowners just need to wipe off the ashes, without the need for scrubbing.

Powerful and Quiet Ventilation for a Comfortable Cooking Environment

Bespoke Wall-Mount Hood offers powerful ventilation that refreshes kitchens quickly.

< >To complete their dream kitchen set-up, homeowners should consider a kitchen hood that not only provides powerful suction for cleaner and fresher homes, but also complements existing kitchen design themes.

The Bespoke Wall-mount Hood is an elegant and stylish hood that features tempered glass panel and touch controls with LED bar lighting to add a luxurious look to any kitchen. The inclusion of the dishwasher safe stainless-steel baffle filters provides superior filtration that captures airborne oil and smoke effectively, while keeping it easy to clean and maintain with an Easy Clean Coating.

With a powerful ventilation capacity of 1,070 cubic meters per hour[2], the hood offers four distinct settings which refresh the air by quickly removing heat, odours, grease and smoke. It is quieter as it comes equipped with a frictionless and brushless DC (BLDC) motor, which reduces motor noise by up to 25%[3].

Elevate Culinary Routine with Optimum Cooking Flexibility

Bespoke Induction Hob offers precision heating and cooking options for homeowners seeking convenience.

< >As homeowners look towards safer and more efficient cooking solutions, Samsung is debuting its Induction Hob offering for the first time locally. The new offering aims to meet the needs of the modern home cook by providing smart kitchen appliances that can enhance the cooking experience.

The Samsung Bespoke Induction Hob combines form and function to lend a contemporary elegance to modern kitchens. The hob features a distinctive white and satin beige control panel with a Touch & Slide control system, providing an intuitive interface, and is crafted with premium-quality Nippon Electric Glass. Its Slim Fit Design allows for installation on thinner countertops.

Homeowners can also have greater flexibility with the Dual Flex Zone, which combines two burners into a single and also larger cooking zone that can accommodate various sizes and shapes of cookware. When combined, the hob ensures even distribution of heat to allow home chefs to utilise larger cookware such as Teppanyaki grill plate to evenly cook larger food items. The induction hob also has 15 Power Levels with Max Boost, for a wider range of cooking temperature.

When paired with the Bespoke Wall-mount Hood, the hob’s Auto Connectivity[4] feature allows homeowners to switch both appliances on and off together with a single control.

Elevated Dishwashing Performance

Bespoke Dishwasher not only elevates any kitchen designs with its interchangeable panels, but also offer peace of mind with hygienic cleaning options.

< >Bespoke Dishwasher not only elevates any kitchen designs with its interchangeable panels,< >but also offer peace of mind with hygienic cleaning options.

A dishwasher is a welcome addition to modern homes, especially for homeowners who need an efficient and convenient cleaning solution. After a long day of cooking, cleaning becomes a breeze with the dishwasher that helps to get the job done. The Samsung Bespoke Dishwasher not only effectively does the job but also instantly elevates the aesthetics of any home.

Similar to the Bespoke refrigerator range, the dishwasher offers interchangeable panels – Satin Beige, Clean White and Clean Black – to fit any kitchen design.

The dishwasher offers improved washing performance with the Water Jet Clean™ system, which cleans and easily removes stubborn food stains more effectively with a rotating dual wash arms that cleans from any angle. When the cycle is complete, the Auto Open Door feature is activated, automatically opening the door for steam to escape, allowing for faster and efficient drying.

For a greater peace of mind, the Hygiene Care Option[5] eliminates germs and kills 99.999% of specific bacteria[6]. Homeowners can further customise wash cycles with three specialised programmes available via SmartThings – Pots and Pans, Plastic and BabyCare. These options offer targeted settings that ensure hygienic cleaning at specific temperatures, without damaging items during the wash.

The AI Energy Mode[7] can help users to optimise energy consumption, saving up to 23% while maintaining top-notch cleaning performance when used with the ‘Pots & Pans’ programme[8].

Embrace Connected Living with Samsung Bespoke Appliances

Manage your Bespoke kitchen appliances and cook efficiently with a smart kitchen.

< >With a connected smart kitchen, homeowners can enjoy the convenience and connectivity that the appliances bring to simplify kitchen chores. The Samsung Bespoke Kitchen Suite streamlines the cooking experience to make meal prep efficient and easier than ever for the busy home chefs. The addition of a smart dishwasher gives homeowners effortless cleaning at their convenience.

With the SmartThings App[9], homeowners can control, monitor or automate their Samsung Bespoke Kitchen Suite from anywhere:

  • For Bespoke Built-in Oven, users can preheat the oven, adjust the temperature, and monitor the cooking progress right from their SmartThings app even when they are on their way home.
  • Homeowners can monitor[10] the Hob and Hood anytime, anywhere with the SmartThings app. It allows users to check the current cooking status and verify if the burner is on when they are not at home. This feature saves more time, as the user can remotely set the timer and receive alerts. SmartThings Cooking[11] also saves time by suggesting personalised recipes based on dietary preferences and by generating a weekly meal plan.
  • To make meal prep more seamless, users can even track their groceries in their Family Hub™ refrigerator on-the-go on their smartphones to ensure they have the right ingredients. The new Samsung Food app can even suggest meals to cook based on user’s preferences.
  • For a seamless kitchen experience, SmartThings Cooking utilises information on recently cooked recipes from the induction hob and oven to recommend the ideal wash cycle to ensure sparkling clean dishes.

< >Bespoke Kitchen Appliances Availability and Pricing< >The new Samsung’s Bespoke kitchen appliances are now available on the Samsung Online Store and at selected consumer electronic stores.

From now until 6th Nov 2023, enjoy savings up to S$400 with bundle deals and free installation on Bespoke oven, hood, and hob. While stocks last, T&Cs apply.

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