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Source: Green Party

Labour’s plan to build more homes is a welcome step forward, but it lacks ambition.

“The Green Party will make sure everyone has a safe, warm, dry place to call home by building 35,000 new warm, affordable, public houses over the next five years,” says Green Party co-leader, Marama Davidson. 

“The time is now to scale up building new homes – not let it plateau at a level that falls short of the current build programme. If people want a government that will build thousands more affordable houses in the places people want to live, then only the Green Party will deliver it. 

“Under this Government, with the Greens’ support, Kāinga Ora is building more new public homes than it has for over a generation. The government is rightly proud of this, but there is much further to go. 

“Confusingly, Labour’s plan would actually slow the pace of house building instead of continuing to scale up – despite the desperate need for more public housing. 

“There are currently 4,500 public and transitional homes under construction. The Green Party has a plan to scale this up to 8000 per year by the end of 2026. Under Labour’s plan, the current programme will be tapering off instead of increasing. 

“This shows exactly why we need more Green Party Ministers around the decision-making table pushing Labour to do more. If we are around the table with Labour, Green Ministers would be setting out a plan for 35,000 new homes delivered with more funding and secure long-term contracts. 

“The point we would be making constantly is that stable contracts and long-term partnerships will enable the Government to smooth out boom-bust building cycles, maintain the scale of home-building and keep people’s jobs and livelihoods. 

“Aotearoa needs a government that will build thousands of high-quality homes where people can live, rest and thrive. The time is now to show the political courage necessary to increase the supply of safe, affordable places for people to live.,

“A party vote for the Greens will deliver more housing and clear the public housing waiting list in the next five years,” says Marama Davidson.