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Source: Auckland Council

Time is running out to have a say on the future of your community.

Consultation on three-year plans developed by Auckland Council’s 21 local boards closes on Monday 14 August and Aucklanders are being asked not to miss the chance to give feedback on them.

The draft plans guide decisions on how your area is managed by the council and how each board shapes its local priorities.

This can have a significant influence on local community facilities and services.

It’s easy to have your say – just fill out the online form at by 14 August.

Make sure you have your say

Auckland Council General Manager Local Board Services, Louise Mason, says that time is running out to make sure your feedback is counted.

“Everyone has a strong interest in what goes on in their own neighbourhood, and the decisions made that could impact the services and facilities there.”

“Local boards set their strategic direction through the local board plan process, and every decision made for the next three years will be guided by the principles and focus areas now being set.”

“The other factor is, of course, the budget. With a reduction in the amount of money available to each board to spend because of the wider budget challenges facing the council, each board has a real challenge to make the most of every dollar available to them.”

“So make sure you let your board know what is important in your neighbourhood is even more important now before consultation closes.”

About local board plans

Local board plans are strategic, three-year plans. Public feedback enables local boards to identify and prioritise the key outcomes, initiatives and projects that are of most value to their communities.

This information will be considered as each of the 21 local boards finalise their plans for the 2023-2026 period, for publication at the end of this year.

They will include focus areas or outcomes for the local boards to concentrate on, such the environment, diversity, working with mana whenua, climate issues and ensuring local community facilities, parks etc meet the needs of their communities.  

About local boards

Local boards provide governance at the local level within Auckland Council. They enable democratic decision-making by, and on behalf of communities within the local board area.

There are 21 local boards with between five and nine members elected to each board (149 local board members in total).

Local boards are charged with decision-making on local issues, activities and services, and provide input into regional strategies, policies, plans and decisions.