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Source: Green Party

Throwing tens of billions of dollars at another six lanes of traffic is not going to solve Auckland’s congestion problem – and is grossly irresponsible in the middle of a climate crisis.

“Aucklanders deserve a 21st century transport network with rapid transit connecting people where they want to go, without having to sit around in gridlock on clogged motorways,” said Green Party transport spokesperson Julie Anne Genter. 

“The Government’s preferred approach to the Waitematā crossing shows they’re not serious about climate or congestion. Two new 3-lane urban motorway tunnels in a climate crisis is pouring fuel on the fire of an already overheating planet.

“These road tunnels are carbon intensive to build, and they would cost tens of billions of dollars that should instead be invested in low carbon transport options like regional rail.

“At the very least, the Government should have prioritised the light rail first.

“It is maddening that on the one hand Labour can say the economic conditions aren’t right for a fair tax system that will benefit millions of people, and on the other announce unbelievably expensive and poorly thought through transport projects.

“The Prime Minister says money doesn’t grow on trees, but apparently it does grow on roads.

“Labour and National seem to be in a road race to come up with the worst possible transport plan. Induced demand is a real thing – more urban roads, equals more cars, equals more congestion. People deserve better. 

“Green Ministers in Cabinet to speak up for the climate in every decision has never been more essential. 

“The Green Party is 100% committed to transforming rail in Auckland with a new Harbour connection, and making space for walking and cycling over the current Harbour bridge immediately. This will save billions of dollars which can be used to upgrade other rail links in the region and beyond. The time is now for real transport solutions.

“Our message is clear: if people want real action on climate change and long-term investment in public transport, the only option this year is the Green Party. More Green MPs in government will mean we can finally direct decision-making towards fast, reliable and affordable buses and trains,” says Julie Anne Genter.