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Source: Auckland Council

Understanding the flood risk for your property has become simpler thanks to a new online tool launched by Auckland Council. The Flood Viewer is a free application that breaks down complex, technical flood risk data into an easy-to-understand format and sits alongside practical advice on how to prepare for floods.

Auckland Council’s Healthy Waters Head of Planning, Nick Vigar says a key step in being ready for severe storms is improving people’s preparedness for floods and awareness of flood risks.

“If Aucklanders know they live in a flood hazard area, they can plan to manage stormwater on their property, and know what to do before, during, and after a flood.”

Flood Viewer is easily accessible on your smartphone, tablet or desktop from the Auckland Council website. Aucklanders will be able to explore a searchable map showing flood plains, flood prone areas, overland flow paths, and coastal inundation areas. Flood maps will be continually updated, and Aucklanders can check the viewer regularly to remain up to date with the information about their properties.

“We’re providing people with information, but also suggesting ways to make their properties and families more resilient in a flood, such as moving vehicles and animals out of low-lying areas and making improvements to their property to reduce flood risk. As wFloodviewe learn to live with more frequent extreme weather and flooding, we need to build resilience into our homes and communities.”

“We see people using this tool not only to understand the flood risk where they live now, but also as part of making informed decisions when looking at somewhere new to buy or rent. Previously, access to flood risk information was only available by purchasing a Land Information Memorandum (LIM report), or through the GeoMaps tool (available on desktop only).

“Tāmaki Makaurau experienced unprecedented flooding in 2023, and we can expect more frequent events like these in the future. Auckland Council has made increasing community resilience to floods a priority, and part of this is giving people the tools to make smart decisions to prepare themselves and their homes.”

Auckland Council is prioritising flood readiness, and from today is seeking Aucklanders’ views on Making Space for Water, a proposed series of stormwater improvements including increased maintenance, community, and site-specific solutions to manage flood risks. If approved, the programme would include a significant investment in stormwater infrastructure in our city. In the meantime, council is accelerating work areas like flood modelling, enabling the development of Flood Viewer.

As part of the consultation throughout August, the council also wants to hear feedback from Aucklanders to develop the Tāmaki Makaurau Recovery Plan. This will provide an opportunity for Aucklanders to share their experiences of the extreme weather earlier this year and communicate their needs and aspirations for recovery in general.

The Have Your Say consultation period started today and will include community drop-in sessions and online information sessions. Aucklanders have until 31 August to share their views. Visit for more information.

Auckland Council is also currently consulting on the Auckland Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan, visit for details.