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Source: SAFE For Animals

ABC News in Australia has obtained footage of dogs being kicked, punched, beaten and thrown at the property of a top greyhound trainer.
Tony Rasmussen is one of South Australia’s top-earning greyhound trainers. The footage was taken over a two-week period at his property. Greyhound Racing South Australia has launched an inquiry.
SAFE Campaigns Manager Anna de Roo is not surprised by the public outrage at the footage.
“Like Australia, there is strong public support for a ban in New Zealand, where the industry has been subject to multiple damning reviews,” says de Roo.
“A New Zealand greyhound trainer was recently charged for throwing two greyhounds, one with such force that they hit their head on the back of a swabbing kennel.”
The Australian greyhound racing industry has faced longstanding criticism for its treatment of animals, including previous incidents of cruelty, mass greyhound killings, live baiting and general animal welfare concerns. The Australian Capital Territory banned greyhound racing in 2018 and the footage has reignited calls for a nationwide industry ban.
Links exist between the two industries, with 1,223 greyhounds being imported from Australia to New Zealand between 2016 and 2022. Greyhound Racing New Zealand is also in the process of adopting Greyhounds Australasia rules.
“The writing is on the wall for greyhound racing, not just in New Zealand but around the world. A recent poll showed 74% of New Zealanders would vote to ban greyhound racing in a referendum. The Government just needs to get on with banning it.”