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Source: Ministry for Primary Industries

New Zealand Food Safety is supporting Central Hawke’s Bay producer Lindsay Farm in a recall of specific batches of its Organic Raw Milk (unpasteurised) as the product may contain Campylobacter bacteria.

“Consuming contaminated milk can make you ill, so please check your fridge to make sure you don’t have any of the recalled product with the relevant lot numbers and use-by dates from 12.06.2023 up to and including 01.07.2023,” says New Zealand Food Safety acting deputy director-general Jenny Bishop.

The affected lot numbers included in the recall are 0806, 0906, 1006, 1106, 1206, 1306, 1406, 1506, 1606, 1906, 2006, 2106, 2206, 2306, 2406, 2506, 2606 and 2706.

The affected product is sold in 2-litre bottles in the Hawke’s Bay region via home deliveries and registered depots. A list of these depots is available on the food recall page.

New Zealand Food Safety has not received any notifications of associated illness, and the product has not been exported.

“If you have any of the recalled product, throw it out or return it to your supplier,” says Ms Bishop.

“You can also heat the raw milk until just boiling, or at 70 degrees, for 1 minute to kill any bacteria present before drinking it.

“Raw milk should also be refrigerated (at 4 degrees or less) to reduce the risk of any harmful bacteria in the milk growing to levels that could make you sick.”

Symptoms of Campylobacter infection are vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, fever, headache, and body aches.

If you have consumed any of this product and are concerned for your health, contact your health professional, or call Healthline on 0800 61 11 16.

“Drinking raw milk carries inherent risks as it may contain harmful bacteria that are killed through the pasteurisation process.”

The contamination was discovered during routine testing.

“As is our usual practice, New Zealand Food Safety will be working with Lindsay Farm to understand how the contamination occurred and prevent its recurrence,” Ms Bishop said.

Up-to-date details of the recall are available on our food recall page.

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