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Source: Environment Canterbury Regional Council

The workshop was then concluded with a barbecue held at a nearby property. Participants then shared their gratitude with the organisers.

“It was a great event for learning how to tackle noxious vine pest plants in our area, it was a real eye-opener, and I gained some great skills to add to my toolkit to manage our block by the Hāpuku River. To be effective, you really need to get the poison to the roots and remove and stack any cut-offs, in a way that prevents regrowth. Much more involved than just cut and paste,” landowner Heli Wade said.

Another local landowner, William Loppe, said he is very excited about the potential outcome.

“Landowners like me can feel overwhelmed looking at their backyard. We all know that the simple sum of our individual efforts is just not enough if not coordinated around good expertise and a strong methodology,” he said.

Committee support

The zone committee is supporting the project using some of their Canterbury Water Management Strategy (CWMS) Action Plan Fund from 2021 to 2023. Committee chair Ted Howard said the project supports the committee’s priority of improving environmental outcomes.