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Source: Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Fire and Emergency was alerted to smoke in the vicinity of James Fletcher Drive in Auckland around 12.04 this morning.
On arrival fire trucks found a 70  by 70 metres,10 metres high pile of scrap metal on fire.
Up to 30 trucks and support vehicles have attended the incident throughout this morning
The fire is currently contained to the scrap metal pile but it will be burning for some time. The smoke plume is significant and is likely to remain that way throughout the day.
There are concerns the smoke from the fire is toxic and may affect people in the area. Auckland City Council environmental and pollution officers are also in attendance at the fire.
An Emergency Message Alert was issued to the neighbourhoods south of the fire at 6am this morning asking residents to stay away from the smoke and keep doors and windows closed.
People are being advised to contact their health provider if they are feeling affected by the smoke.