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Source: Green Party

Christopher Luxon and the National Party are not telling the full story when it comes to childcare, the Green Party says.

“Childcare is a public good, not an individual work expense. All tamariki deserve the best start in life, and need a Government that will take action to raise incomes and invest in better access to early childhood education,” the co-leader of the Green Party, Marama Davidson says. 

“Making childcare more affordable for families requires Green Party action across a range of areas – from investing community childcare, pay equity for teachers, and ensuring all kids have access to quality care options. 

“The Green Party would extend 20 hours of early childhood education to two year olds, and re-design the Working for Families scheme to make sure children have the best possible start in life, and are supported to grow up and thrive.

“From Judith Collins to Christopher Luxon, the National Party is the same as it ever was: systematically committed to make life harder for people. 

“National has opposed action to boost the incomes of families trapped in poverty; they want to put harsh penalties on solo parents; and will make life harder for people who rent.  Once again, they have completely misunderstood the reality of what it’s like to live on a low income in Aotearoa right now.

“It simply will not wash for National to offer support for childcare if in every other area of life they are going to make life so much harder. It is especially concerning that the National Party isn’t planning to invest at all in early childhood education itself. 

“In coalition with ACT, National would cut taxes for the wealthiest few, and tear up our social safety net and lock people in poverty. At a time when so many people are struggling to get by, Aotearoa cannot risk another period of National’s neglect”, Marama Davidson says.