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Source: Fire and Emergency New Zealand

A restricted fire season is now in place for Southland, as at 7am this morning ( 12 January).
District Manager Julian Tohiariki says the change in fire season is due to the higher than normal temperatures and lower than normal rainfall.
“We’ve put these restrictions in place to minimise the risk of a devastating wildfire. In these conditions, a wildfire can spread very quickly and is harder to control,” he says.
A restricted season means anyone wanting to light an open air fire in Southland will need a permit.
“If you have a permit, you will also need to follow the conditions listed on it.”
Julian asks everyone in Southland, holiday makers and residents, to take care this summer and do their part to keep Southland fire safe.
“Check the conditions at before lighting a fire and see if it is safe to do your activity.
“If it’s too hot and windy – don’t light, even with a permit, as it only takes one small spark to start a devasting wildfire.”
“Anyone planning to do activities that may cause a spark – like mowing, or other hot works – should do these in the cooler parts of the day when its less risky.”
“You can also find other valuable safety tips at Follow those to make sure you do your activity safely and let’s all look after our beautiful Southland.”