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Sandringham leads the way to protect dairy owners

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Source: MakeLemonade.nz

Tāmaki Makaurau – Sandringham Business Association chair Jithin Chttibomma is taking the lead to protect dairy owners from violent attacks in Auckland’s Sandringham community.
Chttibomma has enlisted the help of Sir Ray Avery who is going to supply dairy owners who have been victims of violent robberies in the Sandringham area with free wearable personal emergency watches which can send silent alarms directly to the police if they are under attack or threat of violence.
Chttibomma says they have promised their members immediate action.

“While we cautiously commend the government’s recent funding and support announcements, these devices will provide another level in a layer of security measures we are hoping to undertake. We need to act now.

“It’s important to understand what we are trying  to achieve with respect to protecting our frontline retail staff who are often working late at night alone and unprotected. 

“The Jupl silent alarm gets the police on site in minutes and if we can catch these guys then they won’t go on to rob the next shop.”
Government this week announced a multi-million dollar package to tackle New Zealand retail crime and reoffending which is the most significant crime prevention financial package in recent memory.

Small shops and dairies will be provided $4000 who want a fog cannon installed, with shops to pay the balance.

Sir Ray Avery says the wearable personal emergency response watches supplied by Jupl have been battle tested in Australia and New Zealand and been proven to protect wearers from personal assaults.

“Just a touch of an alarm button can send a call directly to the police and our typical response time is three minutes for the police to arrive.
“This technology has been a huge success in keeping victims of family violence safe from harm and frontline family violence counsellors feel safe going into potentially harmful situations.”
Dee Clark from the Papakura Marae says she loves the feeling of safety and security of having a wearable safety device to protect her and her team as they go into the community supporting family violence victims.
“I think this is one of the key benefits of the Jupl watch that wearers feel safe wearing the watch. When they press the button they know the police are on their way and that our call centre and the police can hear what is happening to them in real time.

“The watch is basically a phone on your wrist, recording what is happening so the police know what to expect when they arrive.”
For further information contact Jithin Chttibomma on 021 858 020 or Sir Ray Avery 0274760591