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Source: New Zealand Parliament

Media Release
24 November 2022

MPs to gain first-hand experience of Australian state elections on exchange

Members of Parliament travel across the Tasman this week to learn more about Australia’s federal and state political and electoral systems.

The delegation includes Naisi Chen MP, Nicola Grigg MP and Joseph Mooney MP and will go to Adelaide, Melbourne, and Canberra as part of the Australian Political Exchange Council.

As part of the exchange the delegation will be in Melbourne for the Victorian State Election Day.

Speaker of the House Rt Hon Adrian Rurawhe said this event would be an “excellent opportunity to witness Australian democracy in action”.

“The delegation will spend time with the Victorian Electoral Commission and see voting hubs in Melbourne, giving the group insight into Australia’s state political and electoral systems. This will be especially interesting for them with the next New Zealand general election coming up next year.”

The delegation will meet with members of the Parliament of South Australia, Parliament of Victoria and Parliament of Australia, as well as the Australian Electoral Commission.

The group will also meet with members of the hosting programme – the Australian Political Exchange Council.

The Council was founded in December 1981 to arrange exchange visits of young political leaders between Australia and other countries.


Further Information

The Australian Political Exchange Council  delegation will take place from 24 November – 30 November in Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra. The delegation includes Naisi Chen MP, Nicola Grigg MP, and Joseph Mooney MP.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives leads the New Zealand Parliament’s international diplomacy. This includes representing Parliament internationally, as well as at diplomatic functions and by hosting foreign dignitaries.

Inter-Parliamentary Relations are a way for members of New Zealand’s Parliament to keep Parliament relevant, effective, and innovative. Dialogue between members of different parliaments increases mutual understanding between countries, develops best parliamentary practice, and ensures New Zealand is playing an active part in the international parliamentary community. Members’ active participation in inter-parliamentary activities improves their knowledge and insights as legislators, which in turn improves parliamentary scrutiny of Government.

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