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Source: Red Cross

The emergency humanitarian intake of people to Aotearoa New Zealand resulting from the crises in Ukraine and Afghanistan has led New Zealand Red Cross to update its Humanitarian Migration Report. Those crises and subsequent arrival of people on special visas have proven the growing need for strong, evidence-based approaches to migration.

The Humanitarian Migration Report is the only comprehensive overview of humanitarian issues across the migration sector in Aotearoa New Zealand this year.

In addition to describing a range of visa and migration categories, the report delves into emerging migration issues including people forced to migrate due to climate events, public perceptions on migrants, and challenges they face in emergencies and disasters.

A foreword to the report has been written by Madiha Ali, a member of New Zealand Red Cross’ Migration Advisory Group. She says, “Change is possible when voices are heard and I believe we can bring about change when we recognise the importance of this statement: Nothing about us, without us.”

New Zealand Red Cross General Manager, Migration, Sue Price will release the report at the Aotearoa Refugee Hui at Parliament on 21 November. She says “New Zealand Red Cross has worked with refugees since the arrival of the Polish children in 1944 and we continue to be a leader in the sector. The Humanitarian Migration Report is a crucial part of our work and we’re pleased to be able to share this knowledge with everyone interested in the protection of people who are at any point on a migration journey.”
NZRC General Manager, Migration, Sue Price and Senior Advisor, Policy, Murdoch Stephens.

The report, now in its second edition, covers a wide range of current and emerging humanitarian migration categories and issues. Each of the eleven chapters gives the global and domestic context, discusses key organisations working in the area and notes needs and gaps. In addition, there are a series of additional spotlights on key migration issues from the previous year, such as the 2022 Special Ukraine Visa, Te Ao Māori approaches to migration and the Australia-New Zealand deal on processing asylum seekers from offshore detention sites.

Drawing from New Zealand Red Cross expertise in refugee settlement, the report gives a thorough, yet accessible, overview which will be of use to journalists, NGOs, policy advisors and students looking for an introduction to key migration topics.

• The report can be downloaded from New Zealand Red Cross’ website. Reports and publications | New Zealand Red Cross
• For more information on our migration services see Help for refugees | New Zealand Red Cross