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Source: Save the Children

They may live thousands of kilometres apart, but today hundreds of children in New Zealand and Fiji will come together online to celebrate World Children’s Day.
Two events – hosted by Save the Children – are being held concurrently in Suva and Auckland today in honour of the annual event on November 20 that marks the day the UN General Assembly accepted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Connected via livestreams at both locations, children in each city will take part in an interactive kids’ yoga event that invites children to travel ‘around the world with yoga’. Created and performed by one of New Zealand’s leading child yoga instructors Michaela Sangl of YogiKids, hundreds of kids are expected to take part in the show that celebrates mindfulness, movement, and the world’s children.
Save the Children Fiji’s Chief Executive Officer, Shairana Ali says that bringing together children in Fiji and New Zealand gives hope to children everywhere that their rights should be supported, cherished, and safeguarded both now and in the future.
“Children have suffered considerably as a result of the effects of COVID-19 over the previous two years, which have been extremely traumatic for them.
“This year’s World Children’s Day celebration is special since it denotes the return to normalcy for many children and affirms their right to play and have fun while also learning about their rights and responsibilities. During the activities, we hope to make communities aware about their duty to prevent child abuse and neglect and make our homes and neighbourhoods safer for all children.”
Save the Children New Zealand’s Advocacy Director Jacqui Southey says the organisation is delighted to be celebrating this crucial day for children’s rights together.
“Celebration, play, movement and fun are all elements of the type of childhood we want for our tamariki here in Aotearoa, our friends in Fiji and across the Pacific, and children all around the world.
“Every country in the world, except the United States, has ratified the Convention that lays out the rights all children are entitled to. Connecting children from different countries to celebrate and learn about their rights together is an inspiring way to mark World Children’s Day.”
Following the yoga show, celebrations will continue for children in Fiji with a fun schedule of activities for children and families from multiple communities, including music, entertainment, a procession and talks. As well as marking World Children’s Day, the 19 November also marks the official day to celebrate the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (PCAN) in Fiji.
World Children’s Day is held on November 20 every year. The Auckland event will be held at Glenavon Primary School, 340 Blockhouse Bay Road, Avondale starting at 9.45am NZT.
Save the Children works in 120 countries across the world. The organisation responds to emergencies and works with children and their communities to ensure they survive, learn and are protected.
Save the Children NZ currently supports international programmes in Fiji, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Laos, Nepal, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Areas of work include child protection, education and literacy, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, and alleviating child poverty.