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Source: BusinessNZ

BusinessNZ will not be the default negotiator for Fair Pay Agreements but will provide assistance to employers who are required to negotiate an FPA with unions.
BusinessNZ Advocacy Director Catherine Beard says the organisation will not take the Government’s monetary offer to do so – instead, the BusinessNZ Network will be providing its own resources to help employers.
“We will offer our own legal and other resources to help employers who get caught up in a Fair Pay claim.
“We are aware that the scales are massively stacked against small businesses, and they will need all the help they can get if a union comes knocking on their door to set up a Fair Pay agreement.”
Catherine Beard said BusinessNZ had never supported the FPA policy, and its only initial involvement had been to seek a better bargaining system than the centralised, compulsory system being developed around FPAs.
“Now the legislation is passed, and the system is set up to begin on 1 December, many businesses are deeply concerned that they will get caught up into an FPA claim that allows no ability for opting out.
“The BusinessNZ Network is assuring businesses that they will be able to come to the Network for assistance.
“We will not take Government money to be the ‘default bargaining party’ – but BusinessNZ, EMA, Business Central, the Canterbury Chamber and Business South will be available to assist any businesses affected by an FPA proposal.
“If any Industry Groups facing sector-wide claims need assistance from the BusinessNZ Network, we will assess this on a case by case basis.”