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A new partnership between New Zealand’s largest ferry operator Fullers360 and food rescue charity KiwiHarvest could see up to 600 leftover food items each week redistributed to people in need around Auckland.

Through the partnership, Fullers360 expects to divert more than 90% of food waste generated from its 21 onboard cafes from landfill, through KiwiHarvest distributing it on the same day that it comes off its ferries to people facing food insecurity.

New Zealand generates more than 105,000 tonnes of food waste per year and it is estimated 60% of food going to landfill is edible. KiwiHarvest, Aotearoa’s largest food rescue organisation, rescues 170,000kg – 200,000kg of surplus food annually and redistributes it to charities, community groups, social service agencies and New Zealanders in need.

Fullers360 CEO Mike Horne says the work that KiwiHarvest does is hugely important and reminds New Zealand food and hospitality businesses about the importance of partnerships to deliver sustainable outcomes for communities.

“Food waste is a challenge for many New Zealand hospitality businesses, but one that can be overcome when partnering with the right organisations. The work KiwiHarvest does to avoid food going to landfill, and in turn avoiding greenhouse gas emissions, is inspiring and demonstrates how we can close the loop on waste, while benefiting our communities.”

Angela Calver, General Manager at KiwiHarvest says the partnership with Fullers360 will prevent approximately 120kg of food per week going to landfill – an amount that adds up over time.

“The partnership with Fullers360 is another example of how we can enable local businesses to support their communities and reduce their environmental impact to improve New Zealand’s food waste emissions reductions. Our work with Fullers360 will contribute to our overall savings which so far includes rescuing 8,611,720kg of food, and preventing 22,821,058 of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, through our partnerships with businesses around the country.”

“With approximately 33% of New Zealand households saying they face moderate food insecurity, Fullers360 is proud to work with KiwiHarvest and applauds the work that they do to support New Zealanders in need,” says Horne.