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Source: Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Today Fire and Emergency New Zealand launches its latest smoke alarms campaign, Museum of Fires Past.
Three artifacts which were burnt in New Zealand house fires will be displayed in bus shelters on Wellington’s Oriental Parade, giving people an up-close and personal view of the devastating effects of a house fire.
Fire and Emergency Senior Risk Reduction Specialist, Luke Burgess says the campaign is designed to encourage homeowners to install functioning smoke alarms in the appropriate places.
“We hope to never have people involved in a serious house fire, however, we can’t stress enough the importance of having functioning smoke alarms installed in every bedroom, living area and hallway of your house,” he says.
Bruce’s [1] scorched sneakers, Bella’s burnt teddy, and Jayden’s melted gaming controller are three once beloved objects that succumbed to three New Zealand house fires this year.
Fortunately, due to working smoke alarms, Bruce, Bella, and Jayden managed to escape the fires in their homes before the heat and smoke became unsurvivable.
“A functioning smoke alarm may not have saved their belongings, but it did save their lives,” says Luke.
This year, Fire and Emergency has responded to around 2,800 structure fires [2] nation-wide. Over half of these structures didn’t have smoke alarms or had smoke alarms that weren’t working.
Tragically, some of these fires resulted in loss of life.
“Too many times we’ve attended house fires where smoke alarms haven’t been installed or were installed in the wrong place.
“Property and belongings can be replaced but loved ones never can,” says Luke.
You are four times more likely to survive a house fire if you have working smoke alarms. See tips on how to look after your smoke alarms at
The Museum of Fires Past displays can be found on Oriental Parade in Wellington from today until 23 October. The campaign can also be seen throughout New Zealand, where images of the displays will be on posters, outdoor billboards, and social media.
“Don’t wait to buy a smoke alarm – it could save your life.”
[1] The artifacts were recreated. These stories are based on real house fires that happened in New Zealand. Names have been changed for privacy reasons.
[2] Structure fires include but are not limited to residential house fires.
For more information, please contact the Fire and Emergency New Zealand media team.