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Source: MindTheGap

Businesses around the country are wanting to learn more about measuring and addressing their pay gaps.

Today is the first workshop in a series run by MindTheGap to show businesses how to measure and report their pay gaps.  

The event series kicks off at NZX in Wellington with speakers from the ANZ (Michelle Russell), Sky City (Claire Walker) and NZX (Andrea Bradley).  

A second discussion on disclosing Gender and Ethnic Pay Gaps will be held at NZX in Auckland on September 27.  

MindtheGap co-founder Jo Cribb says employers are becoming increasingly aware that their staff and potential staff are asking questions about what companies are doing to address the pay gap.  

“In this tight labour market, employees are feeling bolder about asking their bosses about diversity, inclusion, and company culture which is an increasingly important value to them.”

Statistics NZ recently announced the latest pay gap statistics that showed the pay gap has got slightly larger at 9.2 percent on average.  However, it is much greater in some groups such as Pasifika women who earn, on average, 27 percent less than Pākehā males.

MindTheGap now has more than sixty businesses registered on its Pay Gap registry.  The campaign is asking for Government to make pay gap reporting mandatory.  

“We know from overseas experience that reporting pay gaps is the first step to understanding them and addressing them in each business.  

Other events are taking place with the Canterbury Chamber of Commerce (19 September), Wellington Chamber (21 September), and Institute of Directors online webinar(21 September).  

Dates are yet to be confirmed in other parts of the country.