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Video game translated to celebrate te wiki o te reo Māori

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Ōtepoti – A Dunedin game developer is celebrating te wiki o te reo Māori with a new version of his mobile video game Colibrium translated into te reo Māori by a certified Māori translator.

Game developer John Gillanders will have the Technaturally Games translated in te reo for the te wiki of te reo which starts tomorrow.

He says he always wanted to translate the game and felt it was most important to ensure that it was translated into te reo Māori since it’s such an important part of the culture in Aotearoa.

“My own reo knowledge is slowly growing as I have been practising increasing my vocabulary using the Drops language learning app over the past couple of years.

“I am working through the te ao Māori for professionals’ course, which I am finding to be really valuable and enjoyable.

“My long-term goal is to become fluent and be able to help my young daughter and whānau learn along the way.

“It is great to see a renaissance of the language and so much interest in learning it nowadays, as well as more people such as myself gaining a better understanding of te ao Māori.”

Technaturally Games is a small independent video game company based in Ōtepoti. Colibrium is its first video game, with unique gameplay utilising colour-mixing and matching in a way that encourages mindfulness in the person playing.

Colibrium can be downloaded free for iPhone/iPad from the app store and for Android phones and tablets from the play store, or from

As well as Te Reo Māori, the game is available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. A paid version is available with no advertising and no in-app purchases for $3.50. 

Technaturally Games exists to create original video games with a human element, drawing upon psychology to give players a unique experience and help them make joyful memories through games.