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Source: Social Credit Party

Government must release prisoners of conscience immediately – Social Credit is calling on the government to release over 3000 prisoners of conscience it has locked out of their specialties for refusing to accept its Covid 19 mandates dictate.

More than 3000 GP’s, nurses, midwives, doctors, anaesthetists and other health care professionals have been unable to practice their vocation – that of healing kiwis – when the country is facing an enormous health care crisis.

At a time when there is a shortage of approximately that same number, having so many health care professionals locked out of the system makes no sense.

New Zealand is virtually the only country in the world that still has mandates in place for its medical profession.

It is now universally accepted and proven scientifically and statistically, that getting jabbed does not prevent the transmission of Covid 19.

There is therefore no justification for those mandates to still be in place.

Continuing with them can only have one reason –  persecution of doctors and nurses and other medical professionals who had the ‘temerity’ to say no to the government’s Pfizer jab programme and it belies the ‘politics of kindness’ face the government likes to put on.

It has now also become persecution patients, and of doctors, nurses, and other staff working under enormous stress in health care and particularly in impossible situations in hospital emergency departments.

In the same way the government supported workers during the lockdowns it now needs to pay compensation for lost income to all those medical professionals whose employment was terminated as a result of the mandates, including those like GP’s, dentists, and physiotherapists who were barred from operating their own practice.

They not only lost their jobs, but also their income, their family’s security, and in many cases, their home and their future career prospects and are facing financial ruin.

To not do so would be the height of discrimination.