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Source: Save The Children

What we’ve achieved.

This new strategic partnership is expected to generate a series of ambitious projects around the world, the first of which are already underway:

‘Green Generation’ is an educational model for schools that combines Save the Children’s expertise in education and WWF’s knowledge in conservation and environmental sustainability to engage children in environmental learning and projects. “Green Generations” is active in Myanmar and Cambodia.

Shift for our Planet provides young change-makers with the support they need to influence the world around them. The pilot in Nepal has supported five youth groups to campaign on plastic pollution, afforestation, solar energy, climate change and conservation of Chiuri trees (butter trees).

“In the [Shift for our Planet] workshop […] they have taught us how to work in the field and how to lead campaigns, to not give up, and how to work hard to achieve the goal of our campaign,” Aveen Gahatraj (pictured above), of the Eco Warriors youth group.