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Source: Auckland Council

Annual planting plans will help Papakura achieve a greener future.

Papakura Local Board has adopted an Urban Ngahere 10-Year Action Plan that requires annual planting plans to be approved, and includes consultation with iwi, affected communities and relevant Council Controlled Organisations.

Board Chair Brent Catchpole says the Board also requested Parks, Sport and Recreation staff review the 10-year plan every three years to provide progress updates, and supply annual reports on the delivery of new plantings.

“Council’s regional Te Rautaki Ngahere ā-Tāone o Tāmaki Makaurau/ Auckland’s Urban Forest Strategy responds to changes in canopy cover and climate change impacts and is aimed at increasing tree cover across all board areas to 30 per cent by 2050. 

“We funded an implementation plan to understand our coverage and help us improve it. The ‘knowing’ first stage identified our canopy cover was 14 per cent, considerably lower than many other areas.

“The final part of the ‘stage has been to develop this plan to identify areas where trees can be planted. The action plan will set the direction for planting over the next decade and prepare us for the ‘growing’ phase to start next year.”

Analysis shows overall tree canopy coverage at 14 per cent, 17.2 per cent of parks and open space, and 8.5 per cent of other public land having tree canopy cover, 10.7 per cent of local roads shaded and 72 per cent of urban tree cover on private land – higher than the regional average.

Having more trees and vegetation contribute towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It also provides various natural functions such as shading and cooling, slowing and reducing storm water run-off, improving air quality, and providing additional wildlife habitat.

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