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Source: Press Release Service – New Zealand

A job in the cleaning industry is often ideal for those seeking extra income, a career change, or even starting their own business. But, unfortunately, there’s a shortage of cleaning professionals.

The company believes that the role of the cleaner is becoming more important as people become busier, having no time for house cleaning. And these people are looking for quality cleaning service at a comparable price point.

Most of the cleaning jobs aren’t labour extensive; they require sweeping floors, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and clearing trash. And it pays off well!

Premium Clean experienced how lucrative a cleaning job is in New Zealand. House cleaners employed by the company are earning more than university graduates with an estimated worth of $85,000 a year before tax.

Companies like Premium Clean would expect all the positions to be filled with this high salary.

That is not the case, however.

“We are offering between $32 to $49, but we are still trying to cope with the demands due to the lack of available cleaners,” says Alisha Dsouza, Recruitment Manager of Premium Clean, a leading cleaning company in New Zealand.

With this hourly rate offered to cleaners, they can earn as much as $85,000 per year before taxes. That is about as much as what engineering, architecture, or business professionals are making. However, New Zealand’s largest domestic cleaning company still lacks cleaners to cover the demand.

“We are experiencing a shortage of workers,” which has caused an issue because we can barely cover the demand, she adds.

She has received many applications, but almost 70% of the applicants are not responding to calls. That is despite Premium Clean’s competitive offer to cleaners nationwide.

Up to this point, she is also baffled as to why the positions are not filled. The company has tried all the platforms and has even streamlined the application process for people to apply easily.

Premium Clean has implemented an easy-use online application portal and a simple-to-follow screening process where interviews and onboarding are done virtually or online. However, you must prepare all required documents for quick police and reference verification checks.

Successful applicants undergo online workshops and training and leverage the company’s app to track and monitor available cleaning jobs.

We talked to one of Premium Clean’s top cleaners to learn more about the job.

“One of the reasons why I love working with Premium Clean is it’s flexible, and it helped me to earn extra money for my family.. one of the reasons why I like it is I can juggle it around with my other jobs as well it’s very flexible, the app is really easy to use”, Paia of Premium Clean.

According to a senior cleaning staff member we interviewed, many people may look down on their job, but cleaning is a great profession. “But I am incredibly happy with my job. I can choose the time and the type of work too,” she mentioned.

Premium Clean is looking for reliable domestic cleaners who take pride in their work and are excited to work with a team. The company offers competitive wages, excellent staff support, flexible hours, and choose your location.

Please visit our website or email us if interested in applying or learning more about the open positions.

Media Release 30 July 2022.