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Source: University of Otago

Stormy weather didn’t hold students back from getting involved with Re-Orientation week this semester.
While Ori in semester 1 is considered a week not to miss, Re-Ori week is one OUSA president Melissa Lama says students equally benefit from.
“This year we had our market day, clubs day, toga party, food truck festival, Otago Daycation and concerts featuring local acts. We unfortunately still had students isolating due to illness and the rough weather affected others but still plenty of awesome events to accommodate non-drinking related activities and social distancing.
Melissa says Re-Ori is an important event because it takes into account new students who start in semester 2 and also brings everyone back together after exams and semester break.

“It’s a good opportunity for us to engage with students and promote our services, but what I love about it the most is that it’s a reminder to students they aren’t doing this journey alone.
“You get students who may not have had a good start to the year, and this is like a refresh for them and a chance to find their village or crew. I sometimes hear “oh we are adults now” but even adults need to find their people.”
Reflecting on the year so far, Melissa says 2022 has been an unusual one and positive events are much needed among the many challenges students have faced.
“This year I’ve taken a very involved approach. Students have come to me with the most vulnerable concerns, especially with the toll COVID-19 has taken on our health system. I’ve had parents in contact to find out what services are available to help their kids, I’ve had students facing disappointments due to health system constraints. It’s been sad to see all of this and reiterated the importance of us looking after and connecting with each other.”
It’s a time where students need to look after each other, connect in with support systems available and keep engaging with each other, she says.
This was the big take away from Re-Ori week which the team agreed was a success again this year.
If you need support visit the OUSA HUB.