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Source: Green Party

Action is needed to address the inequality crisis and support New Zealanders on the lowest incomes, the Green Party says.

“Lower-income families who spend the majority of their income covering the essentials like food and rent, are the most profoundly impacted by inflation. The Green Party will keep pushing for support to help those who are at the sharp end of the inequality crisis,” says James Shaw, Green Party Co-leader.

“Inflation has reached a 32 year high off the back of an increase in the cost of putting a roof over our heads, food on the table, and getting around. These are costs that cannot be avoided and will eat into the budgets of those with the least ability to pay.

“The Green Party is the only party with a plan to rebalance Aotearoa to ensure it works for everyone.

“We would introduce rent controls and increase benefits and student allowances to lift people’s incomes and reduce basic costs.

“We would also lift the incomes of our lowest paid workers; our nurses, our firefighters, our care and support workers.

“We would make public transport free, and break up the supermarket duopoly to stop huge corporate profiteering from people buying the essentials to live.

“We would rebalance the tax system to make sure the wealthiest pay their fair share, ensuring we can fund strong public services and ensure those with the least have enough to live on.

“And we would do this while addressing the long-term challenges we face, like climate change.

“While it is true to say that much of our current inflation is being driven by what is happening overseas, the solutions have to come from the government here. 

“An unfocussed tax cut, such as the one touted by opposition parties would do nothing to address currently inflationary pressure. It would do nothing to help people to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. If anything it would make things worse for those on the lowest incomes while boosting the bank balances of the wealthiest few.

“We need action that works for everyone.

“With a strong Green voice in Government and in Parliament we can help build a fairer, more equitable Aotearoa where everyone has what they need to provide for their families, a roof over their heads, and food on the table,” says James Shaw.